Threads was a collaborative curve stitching project that took place in 2016, supported with funding from Leeds Inspired.

Curve stitching is the perfect combination of art and maths, using embroidery thread to create intriguing and beautiful geometric patterns in card. Threads used the curve stitching technique to create a collaborative exhibition/installation at Colours May Vary in Munro House during June/July 2016.

A number of introductory workshops in late 2015 formed the first thread of the project, where participants learnt the curve stitching technique and then chose whether to contribute to the second thread; making sessions to create work for the exhibition at Colours May Vary curated by Threads artists, Alison McIntyre and Lee Goater.

They were also interested in what happened to group conversations when people were all concentrating on this kind of making. Were they more relaxed? Did they worry less about making eye contact and filling pauses and gaps in conversation? Did they talk about different things?

To explore this further Alison recorded the conversations that took place during the making sessions. Excerpts of the these conversations formed an integral part of the final exhibition. You can download a pdf of what these excerpts looked like and see photos of the workshops and final exhibition.

There is also a publication that celebrates and catalogues the process of the project.