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All The Way Round – an exhibition about circles

I was asked by Lee Goater – designer and all round great person – to contribute to his exhibition about circles, All The Way Around. It’s an exploration of what a circle is and how it doesn’t actually exist!

The exhibition is on until 30 June at Leeds Central Library Art Space (you can get to it through the Tiled Hall Cafe in the Art Gallery or the Central Library, it’s on the 2nd floor), with an evening party on Thursday 18th where there’ll be drinks and DJs (no doubt with some circle-inspired music to play). If you’re up for coming to that just let Lee Goater know and he’ll put your name on the list.

My contribution was to spend a fun, though slightly brain-bending, afternoon making giant curve stitched circles on some metal grids with wool. Here’s a taste of what they look like, but hopefully you’ll be able to make it along to see the exhibition before the end of the month.



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