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catalogue front cover
Front cover of my new catalogue

With help from the fabulous Lee Goater I made a catalogue to showcase my curve stitching work to potential stockists. We made a gorgeous card folder which contains an insert for each product and design I make, which has been posted out to some carefully selected potential new stockists. I’ve had some lovely emails back so hopefully will be able to add some new names to my list of stockists soon.

You can have a look at the full catalogue online if you want to see everything I make in one place. And as a result of making the catalogue I’ve also done a bit of shopkeeping in my online shop, including adding the new notebooks and brooches, some more animals and birds, and of course adding the new branding.

Lee did a great job of the branding that will cover all my work; obviously the curve stitching, but also my community work and my drawings and paintings. I really enjoyed the process, after getting over the discovery that the first stage of any process like this feel a bit like a counselling session, with questions like ‘so who are you then?’, ‘what is it that you actually do?’ and am very pleased with the final results.

Just need to go through and put it on EVERYTHING now.

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