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Threads Exhibition

Over the past 6 months I’ve been working on a project called Threads – more info about the project in this previous post –  and since January I’ve been working hard on what the exhibition will look like and how I will curate all the work that participants have produced during the making sessions.

At first it was very tempting to go off on wild flights of fancy about the large scale work I could make with the curve stitching technique, and whilst I will still give myself some opportunities to show off a bit, I quickly realised that the core of the project is the exploration of group making and conversation, so that needs to be the core of the exhibition too.

So, Bess (brilliant artist who is helping me out on this project as a volunteer) and I set about thinking of lots of different ways we could curate the work so that it communicates that core and also looks really impressive and beautiful.

I also made a scale model of the exhibition space at Colours May Vary, partly because I’m just a bit like that, but mostly because of that need to get everything up in one day and how planned and precise we’ll need to achieve that.

I’ve been working in a space I have temporarily for the project over at Sunnybank Mills in Farsley. It’s been great to have a space that is only for this project (means I can leave all the other jobs in my garden shed) and it will be invaluable when we start making the large versions of all the ideas we’re testing at the moment.

Here’s a few pictures to whet your appetite for the exhibition to come (in June now, not March) and you can also have a look at the Threads Project website for more information or to sign up to the mailing list.

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