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February Update

Since I last wrote there has been the usual flurry of curve stitching for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

And now there’s time for thinking about and doing other projects…

The Art Doctors travelled to London to take part in a conference to celebrate and evaluate the community engagement projects that took place as part of the British Art Show 8. We’re were diagnosing and prescribing a lot more generally this time, so it was more about how people might bring more creative activity into their everyday lives than prescribing specific pieces of artwork. As always we enjoyed ourselves a great deal and had some fascinating conversations.

I’m also¬†doing some work for Leeds City Art Gallery, starting with some workshops to accompany showings of films from the gallery collections at the Armley Mills cinema. The first showing is on Wednesday 8 March and to celebrate International Women’s Day we will be showing Suzanne Lacey’s Whisper, the Waves, the Wind¬†and then making a macrame wall hanging whilst chatting about the film and consuming tea & cake. Join us if you can.



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