Interesting Lack of Self Confidence

So I posted this photo of a sketch on Twitter/Instagram today and a few people have sent me lovely comments.


I thought I was fairly self-confident but apparently not when it comes to art, and particularly drawing (a long time weak spot that I am trying to improve with practise). Bizarrely, my first reactions to the comments were either 1) they had made a mistake and were actually commenting on someone else’s work that happened to crop up in the conversation after I had posted my photo or 2) it only looked good because it has an Instagram filter on it.

You would think that at my age I would have got over this kind of crippling self doubt, but apparently not. I must post more stuff on Twitter for all to see and you must all be very honest!

2 thoughts on “Interesting Lack of Self Confidence

    1. That’s a great blog, thanks for the link. It is very reassuring to know that it’s such a common feeling. It’s totally prevalent in the art world I think. I also wonder if it is particularly British phenomenon?

      Maybe if we didn’t have it a little bit we would all turn into arrogant show-offs?

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