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September Update

There’s been a lot going on since March, and not much updating (raps knuckles)

I completed the map mural at St Matthew’s Primary over Easter, they’re going to use it interactively in lots of different ways.

I then launched into preparations for The Giant and The Bear in June. We took the Rayon Rose caravan down to the West Yorkshire Playhouse and made it into a tattoo parlour for the Unlimited Theatre show, we also designed our own tattoos and made mementos to sell from the caravan. It was a fantastic and really well received show and we had a brilliant time being part of it. Roll on the tour!

My time since then has been taken up with Chapel Allerton Arts Festival (CAAF) and an epic family holiday to America. Now I’m back and feeling rejuvenated and excited about the rest of the year; I’ve got that start of term feeling! Looking forward to all the pen & ink drawing and curve stitching to come.

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