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The brilliant Blog&Buy Sale Christmas Wishlist

I’m thrilled that I had a couple of items (my Christmas card and sunrise picture) selected for the Blog&Buy Sale Christmas Wishlist this year.

There’s some lovely stuff on the list, all handmade by British makers, so have a look and support us if you can. With my love of geometrics and a hope that my family might read this blog, I’ve picked out a few of my favourites…


I think these triangle necklaces are beautifully simple (family – I like the silver one!). They’re made by Fawn and Rose in Brighton



Next up are a couple of geometric inspired things that caught my eye. Some lovely laser cut decorations from Miss J Designs and a bleak but beautiful screenprint from ilka


Then there were a couple of things that just tickled me. Despite usually shying away from anything with writing on it, I love Do You Punctuate’s favourite child card. I’d be very amused if either of my children gave it to me this Christmas. And as I’ve developed a love of sprouts recently, I couldn’t resist SewSew‘s wonderful sprout tree decorations.

There’s LOADS of great stuff on the list so go explore and pick up something original this year.


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